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If you are a great football fan, you might have probably heard about the Winning Eleven 2019 or WE 19. Winning Eleven is one of the oldest and the best soccer Manager game in terms of graphics and lot more amazing feature which we will discuss in this article. All these features take this game to the top of the list, even after like ages. Winning Eleven is available on all the iOS devices. The latest version of the game is Winning Eleven 2019 iOS (WE 19 ) with enhanced features and modified graphics which once again shows that this game is here to stay.

Winning eleven 2019 iOS

Download Winning Eleven 2019 on iOS iPhone/iPad

In this article, we will discuss on how to download the Winning Eleven 2019 on your iOS iPhone/iPad devices and also about its amazing features. The main upgrades that we see in this version compared to the older ones, is the improved graphics. Its more realistic look and other updates makes you want to download this game on your iOS devices for sure. You should check out Winning Eleven 2019 APK on Android: Winning Eleven 2019 APK Data+OBB+Mod Download.


Now lets look into some of the features which are the reason why you should get WE 19 on your iPhone/iPad. Being one of the oldest soccer Manager games, we can witness a great transformation here and why it still tops in the list of soccer managerial games.

1) In this new version of Winning Eleven 2019, you can not only be the player, but also the manager of a football team. You can create your own team,sign contracts with famous players and manage them.
2) Another amazing feature is that all great players in football are available as character in the new version. You can now play as your favorite soccer player, be it Messi, Ronaldo or any others, in this game.
3) One of the most realistic feature that we see in this game is that with time, as the game goes on, even the player’s jersey becomes wet and dirty. This is why we can say it is the best lifelike soccer game compared to any others till now in the market.

updated winning eleven 2019 ios
4) Also each player has different skills in the latest WE 19 on iOS iPhone/iPad. You can unlock various skills for each of them considering the number of points and trophies that you earn in a game. By improving the skills of your team, you can score higher in the next match.
4) Winning Eleven 19 for iOS  is moreover like playing a real soccer game. You can even see the replay of your goal once you do it.
5) You will also get various warnings from the referees depending on the offences that you did.


So these are just a snapshot of the features available in Winning Eleven 2019. To know this game better and to experience all these amazing features, you will have to download it on your iOS devices. Here, we have also given a simple procedure so that you can easily download and install Winning Eleven 2019 on your iDevice.

  • First of all you want to download Cydia Impactor from the given link
  • Once you have finished downloading the Cydia Impactor exe file, just install it on your Windows PC/Mac.
  • Then you want to download IPA file of winning eleven 2019 for your iPhone/iPad on Windows PC/Mac.

Winning Eleven 2019 IPA for iOS

  • Now connect your iPhone/iPad to the windows PC/Mac via a USB Cable and start sideloading the downloaded Winning Eleven 2019 IPA file.
  • Wait for some time and the sideloading will be finished and you will be able to access Winning Eleven 2019 on your iOS iPhone/iPad without any hassle.
  • Before launching the game, you need to go to settings page and and then device management. From there, you need to trust the Profile to complete the process.

latest winning eleven 2019 on iOS

  • That’s it and redirect to the homepage and tap on the Winning Eleven 2019 game icon and launch the game.

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And that’s all for now. Now you can enjoy playing soccer more by downloading Winning Eleven 2019 (WE 19) on your iOS devices. Now, you can be the player or build your team and compete with international players. So get the game soon and experience it for yourself. Hope you found this article helpful. If you face any issues while downloading and installing the game or any other doubts, do let us know in the comments below.

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